The saffron of Athos




The Saffron of Athos was born "grace" or "because" of the "covid" period.

Having a very large plot of land, I planted vegetables there, a little more than in other years.

The harvests were very good...




I wanted to test at first – 35 bulbs. Then why not go there outright. Since 2012 I dream of a professional reconversion ...

7035 organic bulbs planted later, arrives the 1st harvest, which will give 59%. Not bad for a first year.

Despite a little stress during the harvest, I really discover saffron. And despite the difficulty of it and the pruning of the flowers, sometimes nearly 1,000 a day, patience does not leave me.

Why Athos? I owed this to my reformed races, he left me 1000 m2 of his meadow to grow my saffron. Thank you my beautiful Athos!

This is a story that starts slowly but surely.


To your taste buds!



The saffron must be red, too much yellow vice the real weight of the saffron sold which must be well red.

My saffron is French, organic bulbs bought in France only – ISO 3632 category I standard, proof of excellent quality.

The only pesticide used is elbow grease - accompanied by the rake.

Particular attention is given to the harvest of pistils, which are taken as close as possible to their "yellow" base.  A saffron with too much yellow is not very good and deceives the weight.

Saffron being a spice, I propose it by weight, only in filaments (no powder)."

One gram of saffron can last you a year. Saffron is a spice that  improves over time.


My saffron rested 2 months before being available for sale.

Salted version: 80 plates / 6 filaments per person

Sweet version: 160 plates / 3 filaments per person

After, a spice is always a story of taste.



I also keep the saffron fillers pruned - fresh or dried.

Dried I make balms that are being studied for an upcoming sale.

Fresh or dry, for you DIY, for the "homemade" manufacture of balms, soaps and others.

Fresh flowers are only available during the harvest period, during October  and  can be kept for more than a month in the refrigerator.



Saffron from Athos – growing conditions


My saffron is grown without pesticides. It has been in organic conversion since November 1, 2021. Only manual weeding is practiced.

Bulbs are planted 20 cm in well-loosened soil, they can grow comfortably without any hindrance.

In Beaucaire, north of the plain, saffron benefits from a sandy limestone clay soil due to drought. It needs water in early autumn. Precipitation is not present as in the northern regions of the France. It is therefore watered 2 to 3 times a week if no rain has come to do so.

Mid-October the flowers begin to come out. The harvest is spread out until about mid-November. But with Mother Nature nothing is fixed. Harvesting can start earlier or later.

Its density is about 40 bulbs per m2. It will be able to grow quietly for a few years (6 years maximum) according to its progression, if not less.

At this time the bulbs that have reproduced are dug up. The mother bulbs have given rise to new bulbs that will have to be separated from them, to be dried and planted in another place.


The plot will then rest 1 time or even one and a half times the time of its cultivation.





The Saffron of Athos – 30300 Beaucaire – 06 18 80 01 91






Our first organic saffron is available for sale!




Packaged from 0. 10 g to 1 g

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0.10 g : 5.90 €

0.25 g : 12 €

0.50 g : 17 €

1 g : 30 €


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